Donuts and Pastries

Enjoy 41 Varieties of Fresh-Baked Daily Delights

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We firmly believe that the only thing better than one
Original Ferrell’s donut is two Original Ferrell’s donuts!

Original Ferrell’s offers fresh-made donuts and pastries, which, of course,
are baked daily by our experienced bakers. Served all day, you’ll find:

Plain Cake ▪ Blueberry ▪ Sprinkles ▪ Glazed ▪ Chocolate ▪ Old-Fashioned Bars
Filled Fritters ▪ Bear Claws, plus many more…

Call ahead for group discounts: (831) 462-0444

Enjoy a great selection of the best Santa Cruz donuts and pastries 7 days a week.


Original Ferrell’s Donut Menu

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Round Donuts – 19 varieties $16 per dozen

Raised Donuts: Topped with Glaze, Chocolate, Maple or
Granulated Sugar – $1.50
Old Fashioned: Chocolate, Glazed, Maple, Plain – $1.50
Cake: Plain, Chocolate, Maple, Chocolate Crumb, Crumb Cake,
Blueberry Cake, (Glazed, Frosted or Plain) Cinnamon, Sprinkles – $1.50

Bars (not-filled)

Chocolate & Maple Bars – $2.50
Buttermilk Bars – Glazed, Chocolate or Plain – $2.50

Cinnamon Rolls & Twists – $2.75

Filled Donuts

Maple Topped Filled with Vanilla Custard – $2.75
Chocolate Topped Filled Vanilla Custard – $2.75
Jelly Filled (real raspberry) – $2.75


Buttermilk Crowns – $2.95​
Apple Fritters – $2.95
Bear Claws – $2.95

Little Bites

Mini Cinnamon Rolls – .50
Petite Fritters – $1.75
Donut Holes – $2.00/dozen