Turkey Sunday

It’s Thanksgiving All Year Round
Thanks To Our Fabulous Turkey Sundaes!

Turkey Sundae – $12

All-Natural Oven-Cooked Turkey

White and dark turkey meat, two scoops of mashed
potatoes topped with turkey gravy and cranberries

Call ahead and your Turkey Sundae will be ready for dine-in or pick-up when you arrive:
(831) 462-0444 (Santa Cruz location only)

For many Americans, Thanksgiving is hands down is their favorite holiday. Everyone appreciates a Thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings, and that almost always leads to someone at the dinner table exclaiming, “We should do this more often! Why do we wait until Thanksgiving?”


Well, now, thanks to Original Ferrell’s Donuts located at 1761 17th Ave., Santa Cruz, you don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving to splurge. Original Ferrell’s has been serving up the best turkey sandwiches in Santa Cruz area for the past 8 years. Our secret ingredient?


We roast only flavorful all-natural turkeys.


As our turkey sandwiches have become a big hit with locals and nearby business people, many customers have been lobbying for turkey dinners for years. We listened to our loyal following by adding a Turkey Sundae which consists of: white and dark turkey meat, resting on two scoops of fluffy mashed potatoes, topped with yummy turkey gravy.


Oh, and least we forget a dollop of tangy cranberry sauce will top off your Turkey Sundae. We think you’ll love it…!